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News Description Publication Date : 10 May 2019

National consultation on developing modules for awareness creation and capacity building on substance use prevention 09 th – 10 th April, 2019.

The Ministry has prepared a National Action Plan for Drug Demand Reduction for 2018-2023 so as to focus on preventive education, awareness generation, identification, counselling, treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependent persons and training and capacity building of the service providers through collaborative efforts of the Central and State Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations.

National Institute of Social Defence (NISD), an autonomous body of MSJ&E, has been given the responsibility of implementing the activities of NAPDDR. One of the core activity of NISD under NAPDDR is to organise awareness creation and sensitization programmes, and to impart orientation and capacity building trainings, to various target groups including students and teachers of schools and colleges, officials of prisons, police, correctional institutions and child protection institutions, PRIs, NYKs and NSS, etc.

The basic premise of NAPDDR is to provide universal prevention measures which address entire population with messages and programmes aimed at preventing or delaying the use of substances. This effort should also facilitate to deter the onset of substance use by providing all individuals with the information, the skills necessary to prevent the problem of substance use in their respective settings.

The aforesaid efforts, therefore, is to realise the following objectives:

  • To spread and raise awareness on ill effects of Substance use especially among the vulnerable sections of the society.
  • To have basic understanding on the problem of drug abuse to concerned sectors and facilitate them in the identification, motivation and referrals for treatment.
  • To develop skills of resistance to substance use and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • To refrain from stigma and discrimination and provide required care and support to victims of substance abuse.

In this context a National Consultation of Experts and Stakeholders for “Developing Standardised Modules” for awareness creation and building capacities of those individuals, communities and concerned institutional settings on substance use prevention. Efforts were made to put together to address common issues on substance use prevention and designed in a manner which provides adequate scope for adaptation and use with the targeted groups/settings. Draft modules was proposed addressing some of the common issues/concerns of substance use and methodological consideration to meet the training requirements among different population groups for awareness generation and Capacity Building programmes.

The detailed content are under preparation further through small group of academicians and practitioners to tailor the modules appropriate for individuals or various communities/institutional setting like students and teachers of school/college/university, prison and correctional institutions, police functionaries, PRIs and other community settings.

The participants for the Consultation were representatives from concerned Government sectors (Centre and State) including Health Home Youth Affairs and Correctional Settings, major medical institutions including AIIMS, New Delhi, NIMHANS Bangalore, IBHAS, New Delhi, KEM, Mumbai, RIMS, Imphal, academicians, social activists and practitioners of reputed national agencies whose inputs have been of immense value to this Institute’s efforts in developing modules to various stakeholders and institutional settings to maintain uniformity and enhance the reach of substance abuse prevention programmes.

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